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Brother HL 5370dw Driver

Brother HL 5370dw Driver Free Download

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Brother HL 5370dw Driver for Window OS and macOS Plus Way Fixing Error

Brother HL 5370dw is a printer that can be connected to the computer through USB cable or wireless. This printer is also able to print documents with high quality. However, there are many users who do not know how to install this printer driver so they can use it properly. Here are some instructions on how you should install Brother HL 5370dw Driver on your computer:

Brother HL 5370dw Features

Brother HL 5370dw Printer is a compact all-in-one printer that can print, copy, and scan in high quality. It’s a small machine with the footprint of an A4 sheet and its extra-large paper tray allows you to set up for multipurpose printing so that you can quickly print documents on both sides of the page.

The Brother HL 5370dw Printer has 2 separate cartridges which makes it easy to replace them when they run out of ink or get damaged. The printer also comes with an automatic document feeder that allows you to scan up to 20 pages at once so that you don’t have to wait while scanning large documents or books.

Brother HL 5370dw Driver Function

Brother HL 5370dw Driver is a software that allows you to access the printer driver on your computer. It also enables you to print documents, photos, and other files from your computer.

Brother HL 5370dw Driver allows users to print using an Apple product or mobile device with AirPrint capability. You can use this software on Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions of Mac OS X as well as Windows 7, Windows 8/8&1 and Windows 10.

Brother HL 5370dw Driver Windows OS Operating System Support

  • Windows 10 (32-bit)
  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit)
  • Windows 8 (64 bit

Brother HL 5370dw Driver Download for Windows OS

Full Driver & Software Package: DOWNLOAD

Follow instruction install below for complete guide.

How To Install Brother HL 5370dw Driver for Windows OS

  • Check the driver installation CD or download from in above.
  • Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the driver.
  • Connect your printer to your computer, turn it on, and wait for Windows to recognize it.
  • Go to “Start -> Control Panel -> Printers & Other Hardware” or “Printers & Faxes” and click on “Add a Printer”/”Printers & Faxes/Brother HL 5370dw Printer Driver/Brother HL 5370dw Drivers Download/Brother Drivers Download For Windows 10 [32 Bit] | [64 Bit].
  • Restart you PC.

Brother HL 5370dw Driver macOS Series Operating System Support

  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro

Brother HL 5370dw Driver Download for macOS

Download the and software here DOWNLOAD

How To Install Brother HL 5370dw on macOS

  1. Download and install the Brother drivers series hl 5370dw .
  2. Launch the installer, which will lead you through the installation process (follow on-screen instructions).
  3. Finish installation when prompted to test your printer and complete any remaining steps if necessary (this may include restarting your computer).

 Brother HL 5370dw Setup on macOS

  1. Open the folder and double-click on the setup file to install it in your computer, who is running macOS 10.13 or higher versions of MacOS system, you should use a USB cable to connect them together with your printer and computer firstly, then click “Print Settings” option on your screen display as shown in above image before proceeding next step below:
  2. Click “Printer Features” button once (as shown below), now you will see three checkboxes that are checked by default, this means that all three options are enabled for Brother HL 5370dw printer driver settings, which are Page Layout Mode: Auto Select; Paper Size: Auto Detect; Orientation: Auto Select; if you want print several pages on one sheet of paper using Single Sided option so uncheck these two options as shown in below image then click OK button at bottom right corner after completing setting up process successfully.

Problem Error Brother HL-5370DW Printer

  • Brother Hl-5370dw In Error State
  • Brother Paper Error Hl-5370dw

How To Fix Brother Hl-5370dw In Error State

Brother HL-5370DW is a printer device which is widely used for the purpose of printing. The printer device comes with all new features and configuration which are very helpful in printing. The printer is not free from the issues and problems, sometimes it gets Error State and does not work properly. If you are experiencing any error message on your printer screen then you can easily fix it yourself by following these simple steps.

  1. At first you need to turn off your printer device and wait for few minutes in order to release the heat generated inside the device.
  2. After that, you have to open the cover of the ink cartridge and clean your print head using some cloth or tissue papers.
  3. Cleaning the print head will help you in fixing all kind of issues so don’t miss this step.
  4. After cleaning your print head, you have to close its cover and wait for few seconds before turning on the power button.
  5. Now again open your printer driver and do a test print after scanning all the pages of documents, if it does not work then repeat these steps once again until getting positive results.

If the above is not resolved, this error could be caused by the fact that there is no power. Here are some things you can do to fix this problem:

  1. Make sure that the printer and computer are on.
  2. Make sure that the computer and printer are connected by a USB cable.
  3. Make sure that the cable is connected well at both ends.
  4. Check if there is any problem with the port of your computer. Try using another cable if possible.
  5. If nothing works, try resetting your printer.

How To Fix Brother Hl-5370dw Paper Error

Brother HL-5370DW is a wireless printer that can print up to 47 pages per minute and has a total paper capacity of 550 sheets. One of the most common errors users may encounter in this printer is “Paper Error”, which indicates that the printer is out of paper and needs paper to be reloaded. In this post, we will discuss two methods on how to fix this error.

To resolve the Paper Error issue, you need to check if there is any paper remaining in the input tray. If there is any, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Resume button for 3 seconds. The display should show “00”. If it does not, follow the next step.
  2. Within 30 seconds, press and release the Resume button 4 times so that the display shows “000”. If this step doesn’t work, try following the next step.
  3. Press and hold the Resume button for 10 seconds until the display shows “000”. If this step doesn’t work, follow the next step.
  4. While holding down on Stop/Clear button, press and release the Resume button until you get a “Reset” message on the control panel. The front cover should open automatically.

Final Thoughts

Brother HL 5370dw Driver is a type of application that users can use to manage their printer and other devices. The driver will allow you to do many things like changing the settings, installing new software, or even upgrading your printer’s firmware. It can also be used to troubleshoot any problems with your computer system if there are any conflicts between them then this tool will be able to resolve these issues easily as well because it has been programmed with very advanced technology.

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