How to Solve Brother Printer Error Code 20
How to Solve Brother Printer Error Code 20

How to Solve Brother Printer Error Code 20?

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Introduction Solve Brother Printer Error Code 20

Brother Printer Error Code 20 is one of the most common errors that occurs in Brother printers. This error can be identified by the blinking of the red light on the printer’s control panel. The blinking light indicates that an error has occurred and needs to be resolved immediately. When this issue arises, users should check Brother Printer Error Code 20 on their computer screen and follow these steps:

The Paper Feed Roller is Damaged

The paper feed roller is the part of the printer that grabs the paper from the paper tray and feeds it through the printer. If this part is broken, you will not be able to use your printer until it is fixed or replaced.

The printer may have a paper jam or a broken belt. If the printer is jammed with paper, it will not be able to print anything. You will need to remove the jammed paper before you can use your printer again. The belt connects all of the moving parts in your printer together so they can work properly. If this part breaks.

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There’s a Foreign Object in the Paper Tray

If you receive this error code, there’s a foreign object such as a pen or staple in the paper tray.

To resolve the issue:

  • Open the cover of your printer and remove your paper tray.
  • Remove any foreign objects from the tray, if necessary.
  • Reinsert your paper tray and close the cover of your printer.

The Paper is Loaded Improperly

The paper is loaded improperly.

  • Make sure that you are using Brother-recommended paper.
  • Load the paper in the correct order: top sheet, bottom sheet and then cassette paper (if applicable).
  • Use only the size and type of paper specified for your product model. Refer to Paper sizes supported by each unit on page 19 in this manual for details about the types of paper supported by each product model.
  • Use only one type of paper at a time; don’t mix different types or weights together in a stack under a single tray or cassette.

Brother Printer’s Tray is not Adjusted Properly.

Brother Printer Error Code 20 In this case, the most common reason is that the tray is not adjusted properly. Follow the steps below to adjust your Brother printer’s tray:

  • Remove any paper from your printer’s output tray by pressing its button on the right side of its interior.
  • Lift up this panel to access a compartment underneath where you can find some tools and a small screwdriver.
  • Use this tool to unscrew four screws that are holding down a metal plate covering an adjustment mechanism attached on top of it (you will see them when you lift up your paper feeder).
  • Once these screws are removed, carefully remove the plate, exposing an axle connected with gears. This gear should move freely when pushed back and forth around its axle; if it doesn’t move freely then adjust accordingly by turning either of its two knobs located at each end of said axle until they do so easily without feeling too tight or loose.
  • Place this plate back again before re-screwing everything together as well as feeding paper into either side(s) before pressing down both buttons for paper loading once more

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The Paper Jam Error Occurs Due to the Small Paper Piece Remains Inside the Printer.

  • Remove the paper piece from your Brother printer
  • Perform a test print

If you have a Brother printer, there’s a good chance that it came with some sample paper. You can use this to test if your printer is working properly or not. If the test prints are coming out fine and without any issues, then go ahead and print out other documents as well.

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Follow the Above-Mentioned Process to Fix This Brother Printer Error Code 20

Follow the given steps to fix this Brother Printer Error Code 20:

  • Press the Power button to turn your printer on, then press it again and release once more to cancel any action.
  • Press the Resume button, which is located near the power button on your machine’s front panel.
  • Wait for your printer to start up completely before proceeding with printing tasks in Windows 10 or macOS 10.13

Steps to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 20

If you’re using Windows 10, you can fix Brother Printer Error Code 20 by following these steps:

Open Your Computer and go to the C drive. In this directory, search for a folder named System32.

If this folder doesn’t exist on your computer, then create it manually by right-clicking on an empty space in the left pane and selecting New > Folder from the menu.

Brother Printer Error Code 20 Conclusion

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you need any help with the topic, please do not hesitate to comment in below!

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