How to Fix Brother Printer Error E1
How to Fix Brother Printer Error E1

How to Fix Brother Printer Error E1?

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Introduction How to Fix Brother Printer Error E1

Brother printers are best in their class. But sometimes you can face some problems with your Brother printer. The most common one is the Brother Printers Error E1.

Best-in-class Brother printers. But sometimes you can also face some difficulties with this printer. This error is one of the most common errors that people face when using their Brother printer. It happens for a reason so If your Brother printer shows E1, take it down immediately to solve the problem.

Internal Mechanisms Issues

The Brother E1 printer error is one of the common problems that users face with their Brother printers. This can cause a lot of problems to your printer if not resolved in a timely manner. Brother printers have their own internal mechanisms for dealing with issues such as error E1. But it should be fixed by the user to fix the real problem and make the Brother printer fully functional on its own.

This multifunction printer has an attractive design and you can use it to print, copy, scan, and send faxes. They are mainly designed for home offices. Sometimes, users may face some problems with the printer. Below I will mention the common problems faced by these users.

Users face this problem when they try to print anything on their Brother printer. If you want to fix this error, then follow these steps carefully:

Check Out the Cause of Brother Printer Error E1

The Brother printer error E1 is caused by a paper jam, a low ink level or an issue with the print head. The error can also be caused by a power failure. Here’s how you can fix it:

  • Remove any jammed paper from your printer’s paper tray.
  • Change out the ink cartridge if you’re low on ink.
  • Install new cartridges if you want to keep using your printer and don’t have time right now to fix it completely. You can also try cleaning your brother MFC-J615W printer heads by going into its maintenance mode and then selecting “clean” in the menu that appears onscreen when you press down on both buttons at the same time (see step 2). If this doesn’t work either, try turning off/on again

Try to Unpack it

  • Unpack it. Remove the ink cartridge from the printer, and remove the paper tray from your Brother machine. Also, remove the output tray from your Brother machine and finally, remove the drum unit from your Brother machine as well.

Do Not Overfill the Brother Printer Paper Tray

Do not overfill the paper tray. If you do, it will cause your printer to jam and can damage it.

If you’re using a Brother printer, this is one of the most common errors that occurs. It may seem like a small thing but it’s actually very important as an error in this area can prevent your device from working properly or even at all.

See the Connections

Check the power cable. This is a common cause of E1 errors and can usually be fixed by simply unplugging your printer for a few minutes and then plugging it back in. Some users have found this useful, but others have reported that it didn’t do anything for them at all.

Check the USB cable if you’re using one that connects directly to your computer. If there’s not much slack in the cord when you connect it, this may cause your printer to give an E1 error message—try moving closer to where the computer is located or getting longer cords (like these).

Check the Ethernet cable if you’re connecting via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi (even though we don’t recommend doing so). If everything seems fine but still no luck with this step, try restarting your router/modem first before resetting your network settings on both devices: On Windows computers: press Ctrl+Alt+Del while holding down both keys until “Task Manager” appears; click “Processes”; select “Network Sharing Center”; choose “Restart All Services” restart machine.

Check Ink Cartridge

  • Check the ink cartridge. If your Brother printer is giving you this error, it’s likely because the ink cartridge is low on ink.
  • Replace any empty or defective cartridges with new ones. If your Brother printer is giving you this error, it’s likely because one of the cartridges doesn’t work properly and needs to be replaced.
  • Install new cartridges correctly if you’re using more than one type of cartridge in your Brother printer. If your Brother printer is giving you this error, it could be caused by incorrect installation of one or both kinds of cartridge being used in conjunction with each other within the same machine at once; removing these additional components from their corresponding slots may resolve this issue as well

Reset the Brother Printer

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer and from the wall socket.
  • Wait for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug in the power cord back to the wall socket and turn on your Brother printer.

Here are some best tricks for fixing the Brother Printer Error E1

  • Check the paper tray
  • Check the connections
  • Check the ink cartridge
  • Reset the printer


These are the best tricks for fixing Brother Printer Error E1. So, Brother printer E1 Error can be fixed by following the above procedure. If you encounter a problem, you should make sure that you have installed the printer driver before installing the software. You will need to connect the USB cable to your computer and your computer. You should reinstall the software and update it if needed.

This article will help you to Fix Brother E1 Printer Error by resolving related issues. If you follow all the steps mentioned in this article, then you will be able to get rid of this problem.

The message may be annoying, but the fix is pretty simple. Brother printers often don’t like the idea of temporary cartridges being inserted into permanent slots. Use E92 as the error code and you’ll find out everything you need to know about implementing this solution.

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