How To Troubleshoot Paper Jams
How To Troubleshoot Paper Jams

How To Troubleshoot Paper Jams in a Brother Printer

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Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jams

Paper Jams – Have you ever encountered a situation when your Brother printer started printing blank pages? This could be for various reasons. Over the course of my tech career I came across many situations where I needed to solve this problem and after doing a lot of research online I found a possible solution to solve it.

If a blank page comes out? That’s normal! This article will explain why. Brother printers are not the only ones experiencing this problem. There are many models of inkjet and laser printers that don’t print right away. In this article, we will talk about the most common problems that people face.

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A Brother printer can be a useful tool, allowing you to print documents from your computer. Some of the common problems that people face are printing blank pages, scratches on the page, and faded text. Of these problems, the solution of printing a blank page of the brother printer is one of the most common problems.

When a Brother printer prints a blank page is a common problem and you may not know how to solve it at first. Once you’ve verified that the issue is indeed related to a problem with your Brother printer, there are some basic troubleshooting steps that can quickly resolve the issue.

If you are using a printer from Brother and print blank or missing pages, this is a quick guide to fixing the problem.

You probably use your printer on a daily basis. But at some point, you might end up having issues with the machine. Maybe there is a Paper Jams or it stops responding to commands that you give it. Whatever the reason, knowing how to troubleshoot a printer will help get things working again. There are many different brands of printers available on the market. Each one of them comes with different features and functions.

However, most of them have the same problems when they break down. Common issues include yellow light coming on or an error code appearing in red light or cables being unplugged from the device or paper jams inside it. Read on to know more about troubleshooting a Brother Printer and fixing common issues related to such devices.

When you have your own personal printer at home, you’re likely to print documents and school assignments more often. However, if you notice that the printer is struggling with a particular document or sheet of paper, it may be time to troubleshoot a paper jam in your Brother printer. This is especially true if the problem persists after removing all other obvious paper jams.

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In general, the process for troubleshooting a Brother printer that has a Paper Jams is similar for many different models; however, there are some variations depending on the exact type of issue you are dealing with. If you run into problems with your printer jamming on specific documents or sheets of paper, it may be due to one of several common issues. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot this problem in your Brother printer:

Confirm That the Printer Isn’t Out of Ink or Toner

When you’re dealing with a document that won’t feed correctly, it’s important to verify that the issue isn’t a result of a low supply of ink or toner. If you’re attempting to print a document that requires a certain amount of ink and you’re out of that ink, the printer will likely be unable to print the document. This may result in the document being unable to feed correctly.

To troubleshoot this type of paper jam, you should verify that the printer is not out of ink or toner. If the printer has a low supply of ink, you can reset the toner cartridge using the printer’s controls. This will allow you to print a few more documents until you are able to replace the cartridge.

Confirm That There is No Loose Paper in the Printer

If your printer has a loose piece of paper that’s preventing the other documents from feeding correctly, you can resolve this issue by removing the loose paper.

Look inside the printer to make sure there’s nothing stuck to the feeder or inside the printer. If there is a loose piece of paper inside the printer, you can resolve the issue by removing it. To make sure you’ve removed all the loose paper from the printer, you can run a paper jam cleaning cycle.

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Check to Make Sure Nothing is Stuck in the Exit Shaft

If there is a large amount of paper crammed into the exit shaft, it may prevent other sheets of paper from being able to feed correctly. To troubleshoot this issue, open the printer and use a paper clip or similar object to reach inside the exit shaft and remove any large pieces of paper.

Check for Obvious Paper Jams

If you’ve confirmed that the printer isn’t out of ink or toner, that there is no loose paper inside the printer, and that nothing is stuck in the exit shaft, there may be an obvious paper jam.

For example, if the paper is getting stuck on the inside of the printer or you notice that the paper is bunched up, you may be dealing with an obvious paper jam.

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The paper may be too thick

If you’re attempting to print a document and the paper won’t feed correctly, you should check the thickness of the paper. Some types of paper may be too thick to be fed through the printer. If this is the case, you’ll need to either use a different type of paper or adjust the printer’s settings to force it to use a thinner paper.

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Check for damaged or bent gears

If the paper jam persists even after opening the printer and removing the obvious paper jam, there may be a problem with the gears that are used to feed the paper. When the gears become damaged or bent, they may not be able to properly pull the paper through the printer. In this case, you’ll need to replace the gears to resolve the issue.

Your printer has a stacker jam error

If you’ve confirmed that there is no obvious paper jam, you can still run into this issue. The stacker jam error occurs when the printer has detected that one or more sheets of paper are stacked too high inside the printer. When this happens, the printer will shut off and display a message with an error code. To resolve this issue, open the printer and remove any sheets of paper jams that are stacked too high.

Check to make sure the paper is the correct size and type

If you’ve confirmed that the printer isn’t out of ink or toner, there isn’t any loose paper inside the printer, and there is no obvious paper jam, you should check to make sure that the paper you’re attempting to print with is the correct size and type.

This may sound like an obvious tip, but you may be surprised by how often people ignore this advice. If one or more of these common issues is causing your printer to have a paper jam, you can resolve the problem by troubleshooting the issue and following these tips.

Conclusion About Brother Printers Paper Jammed

Brother printers are known for its strong performance and high quality prints. But what if your printer started giving problems? This can be really frustrating. As you run into problem while printing, it is advisable to make sure that the ink cartridge is installed properly and the paper is loaded in the right order. If you have any issue like paper jam or the printer stops working, read the information here on how to resolve them.

Now you cannot print anything on Brother printer. If your Brother printer is printing only blank pages, there might be some problem in its registration sensor which ultimately stops the printer from printing anything. If this is happening with your Brother printer then you may use the following methods and check if they work for you.

What can be done? Let’s take a closer look at causes of paper jam and discuss some ways to fix the problem.

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